A Simple Plan: Marketing

Golf Course Marketing on a Budget

When you open up a brand new company, marketing is one of the first steps you need to take, in order to ensure that you last at least through the first six months. For a golf course owner, the good news is that you can market to a very specific group of individuals in order to get started. Once they have a chance to read more about your location and visit for the first time, they will start to share their experience with friends, family and other players.

What can you do to make these personal referrals more effective? Word of mouth advertising is the most effective, and the most cost efficient, and you can inspire visitors to do this for you with simple giveaways and free rewards. It’s an easy process to track referrals and then make sure you’re rewarding club members who are bringing in new business and players.

One process that is not very time-consuming and easy to do is to post flyers anywhere locally where golf enthusiasts hang out. Once they have learned about your new location, it will create curiosity and chances for you to share the value you offer, as well as a great customer service experience.
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Give virtual visitors a chance to tour your location before they arrive by providing a quality website for them to discover you online. You can talk to experts who work with golf course website design and they will let you know what the most important elements are to include. Your budget will thank you when you compare the monthly cost to the profit numbers this type of online presence can help you create. Make sure you understand how profitable your site is by tracking the growth that happens after the site goes live, and this will let you see what you’re getting on your investment return.
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Promote community events and offer a place for various groups to celebrate events, and this will become a very helpful marketing tool. The more you integrate yourself into these community events, the faster your business will grow, and the more name recognition you’ll enjoy overall.

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As the business owner, it can be tempted to start with a high cost marketing campaign, but that isn’t necessarily the answer if you know how to benefit from grass roots measures that fit in line with your proposed budget. Higher profits and business levels will increase as you use this higher level of engagement, since more individuals feel a personal connection to your company. Talk to marketing experts and other golf club owners to see what they recommend and use the information that is readily at your fingertips. If you take the time to learn now, you’ll enjoy a greater score overall with your business’s future.